Carbon steel pipes, helically or longitudinally welded

Carbon steel pipes, helically or longitudinally welded

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Welded steel pipes (SSAW, LSAW, LSAW, HFW)
Welded steel pipes are a common structural element in the construction industry for decades. They have the ability to solve many complex construction problems. Used as structural elements in combination walls, carcasses or water transport, applications are infinite in various lengths and sizes. To meet the needs of the construction industry, we offer 2 main pipeline categories for customer requirements.
Helical Welded Steel Pipe (SSAW)
These pipes are made of hot-rolled coils which are spirally welded using an SAW welding electric arc welding machine. The advantage of these pipes is the ability to produce pipes in long lengths due to their capacity Continuous rolling stock.
• Thickness: 8mm - 25mm
• External diameter: 400mm - 3000mm
• Lengths up to 80m
Longitudinally welded pipes (LSAW)
Spiral pipes are made of rolls, and there is a limitation of the wall thickness that can be produced. Longitudinally welded pipes such as LSAW (JCOE) are able to achieve up to 50mm. However, these pipes are laminated from the boards, the longest possible length is 18m.
• Thickness: 6mm - 50mm
• External diameter: 406mm - 1422mm
• Lengths from 3 to 18m
High Welded Pipes (HFW)
Due to its low welding capabilities, HFW pipes are especially suited for roofs, stadiums, bridges and other structural applications.
• Thickness: 3mm - 25.4mm
• External diameter: 114mm - 711.2mm
• Length: 3m - 18m

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